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The feet undergo tremendous stress on a daily basis, not only carrying our body weight but also trying to counteract the demands placed on the body through, lifestyle, exercise and occupation

Such stress can gradually create problems occurring within the feet, leading to an imbalance in one’s gait pattern (the way one walks) and excessive pressure on certain areas of the feet.

These changes may lead to pain and discomfort and osteopathic treatment is not only effective in treating symptoms and relieving pain but also addressing the structural causes contributing to the problem.

Here at Taylor & Conroy Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic, orthotics (customised prescription insoles) are available. They can be used for specific problems or provide comfort and ease the stress placed on the feet.

A consultation involves a structural assessment of the body (not just the feet), as well as the use of exclusive laser scanning technology to create a more accurate, highly effective orthotic.
The orthotics here at Taylor & Conroy Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic are designed to suit the individual, considering their structural needs, lifestyle and level of activity.

Products are Irish Medicines Board registered.

Benefits of Orthotics:
Improved under arch support
Suitable for Children & Adults
Increased Shock Absorbency
Suitable for dress wear, day wear, sports & diabetics

Common Problems:
Flat feet
Heel Pain
High Arches
Tired Legs
Low Back Pain,
Hip/Knee Pain
Toe Problems
Shin Splints
Plantar fasciitis

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